Installation of process tank

We installed a big process tank on July 2019 in SSAB's factory in Oxelösund. Our customer was Danieli Corus from Netherlands.

The tank was manufactured in Teuva. The tank was delivered as maritime transport from Kaskinen to the harboud of Oxelösund factory. Viafin Installation was tasked to transport the tank from the harbour to the site and lift it to it's place.

Danieli Corus has made similar tanks previously from parts gathered from construction sites and this was the first time when a process equipment was manufactured in a workshop and installed in one lift.

The lift was affected by the limited space in SSAB:s work site and the wide lifting range required by the lift whic is why the lift was done with 750 t crawler crane.

The planning started in December 2018 and the plan was finalized in June. The lift was very well prepared and it was done perfectly. Daniel Corus and the customer, SSAB, praised us.